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Geoblink, S.L. Published: September 15, 2017
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Location: Based in Madrid
Position: Full time

Geoblink is looking for a Data Scientist passionate about finding, modelling and processing data to solve real world problems. Data is at the core of Geoblink’s DNA, and part of every single challenge we face when building new functionalities. You would be one of the main points of reference to, given a product requirement, figure out how to obtain the data that will make it possible, and transform it so that it can be consumed by the back end systems that fuel our multi-country solution.


Geoblink is a VC-backed tech startup that revolutionizes the way businesses think about – and act upon – location intelligence. We’re on a path towards hyper growth. We’re looking for world-class talent to fuel our ambitious international expansion plans. Someone who can help us “figure things out” and do them at the same time. We can offer a unique opportunity to be part of an amazing team. We’re a smart, fun, and hard-working bunch, and we’re super proud to have attracted top-notch talent from places like McKinsey, Chicago Booth, Harvard, CERN, EA Games, and so on.

At Geoblink we use some of the latest technologies to find solutions to some very hard problems. We leverage Big Data to create a beautiful map-based user interface that provides a rich user experience. We have fun solving interesting challenges! Our systems are built using an SOA approach that allows us to perform multiple deployments per day. We <3 monitoring, pull requests, continuous deployment and automated testing. The trunk of our stack is PostgreSQL, Node.js and Angular, but our architecture is language-agnostic. We move fast but put a lot of thought into the design of our architecture so that it’s simple and scalable. We write clean, flexible code to produce great software that solves the needs of our clients.


  • BS or MS degree in Computer Science, Physics, Match or related degree or experience.
  •  Hands on experience with a variety of databases, both relational and NoSQL, including at least 2 years experience with PostgresSQL.
  • Great coding skills, high standards for good quality code that is elegant, well structured and easy to understand. At least 2 years experience programming in Python. Java or Javascript is a plus.
  • Experience on statistical data analysis. Advanced knowledge of statistics and data cleaning.
  • Ability to craft simple and elegant solutions to complex problems.
  • Able to explain what you did during the weekend in English.
  • Any published open source code is a plus.
  • Having experience working with Linux, Bash and Git is a big plus.
  • Extra kudos if you have experience with distributed systems that handle big volumes of data like Spark or Hadoop.
  • Extra kudos if you have hands on experience working with Machine Learning techniques and algorithms.

You are:

  • Passionate about the different realms of data: statistics, databases, data engineering, data mining, geolocated data, big data, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, etc. You have experience with some, have read about others, but feel curious and interested in all of them.
  • A curious person, love learning and learn quickly.
  • Passionate about what you do, you care deeply about the things you build.
  • Don’t mind working in a very busy startup because you are learning a ton of things, are having fun while working with smart people in an non-ego environment and are building something that has a big impact.
  • Constantly reading about new trends to see what’s going on out there and how you can incorporate new technologies into your current project when there are good reasons for it.

You will:

  • Be one of the persons in charge of setting up and maintaining the systems that integrate with data sources, drive our data processes and pipelines and ultimately feed the data once it’s cleaned and formatted into the Geoblink back end systems that connect to the front end applications.
  • Work closely with the data engineers to design and implement processes to transform raw data obtained from multiple sources into data that is cleaned, uniform and precise.
  • Squeeze data from a variety of sources, applying statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms, in order to get insights of our world and help retailers to make better decisions based on located data.
  • Work closely with the rest of the Tech and Product teams including developers and product owners to understand the needs of our clients and figure out how to fulfill them transforming existing data or finding new sources.
  • Constantly review and update existing systems to find better solutions or technologies to improve and make them more flexible, scalable and/or performant.
  • Get involved in DevOps and Infrastructure tasks to automate as much as possible the data pipeline, making the team and the processes more efficient.
  • Coach and mentor other team members to create a culture that fosters collaboration and personal growth.

Why Geoblink:

  • Work in “One of the 50 most promising startups in the world” By Bloomberg
  • Flexible work hours in a focused but casual environment
  • Learning from and working with some of the best
  • Great team atmosphere
  • Vibrant, fun, and international environment.
  • Many perks, like team event and sports activities.

If you feel identified with this kind of working and you are willing to face the challenges we propose, THIS IS YOUR TEAM! 

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