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Marfeel Published: April 11, 2017
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Who we are:

Be part of Marfeel, one of the hottest European start-up companies in the mobile ad-tech world, named as Wired Magazine’s 2015 Top 100 Startup. We are recommended at the very top by Google itself for our mobile design solution. Together with our partners we have over 3 billion worldwide readers and over 10 billion page views. Our headquarters is based in sunny Barcelona.

 Certified Google Publishing Partner

We are looking for a highly energetic and passionate Customer Success Rockstar (with some knowledge of html5 and CSS) to become a part of the Marfeel Revolution.


This is you :

  • You can’t stop thinking about Churn.

  • Referrals and KPI´s metrics makes your heart beat faster. You are a top performer and you can prove it.

  • You know that our clients are VIP so, you make them feel loved, giving them all the attention they deserve and a friendly support.

  • You call our clients at least once a month in order to identify improvement areas. (100 monthly calls/average)

  • Thinking about possible client issues keeps you up all night, so you have deep knowledge of all our clients.

  • A lost deal breaks your heart and you can’t allow that to happen, so you anticipate it and if it happens you react fast in order to reverse the situation.

  • Your heart beats when communicating new features, you go hand-in-hand with the client at every step, and you love to show off Marfeel´s impact.

  • Engagement & monetization is your middle name, credibility your surname. You can’t live without sharing and involving our clients in the roadmap.

  • You are thinking about teaching and Evangelizing regarding our internal tools.

  • Handling customer´s requests is a game you’re used to play, and you know how to do it (new adhoc developments, roadmaps, bug fixing, etc)

  • You’re very sensitive about our client´s performance before marfeelization: you love to do the “before and after” in terms of monetization.

  • You´re kind of “geek” and you love to be the link between the tech and sales department, you know how to avoid “lost in translation” moments.

  • Your communication style is impressive and you know how to use it in order to manage expectations inside and outside Marfeel.

  • You’re born a natural leader and you always find the best strategy in order to keep our clients happy.

  • Multi-tasking makes you feel alive and you’re always looking for areas of improvement.


What will you do:

  • You feel like home if you're using tech terms and you will be our Platform Evangelist specially during the pre-sales stage.

  • Support our clients in an active way during:

1-the pre-flight, AKA before activation in order to manage expectations, go through the user experience and check that we are giving the best service a company can give.

2-Takeoff AKA the client onboarding during the approx. the 1st month activation.

3- Be our client business partner: analise the performance and get into conclusions. Like this we can anticipate possible needs, avoid future issues, etc.

You will be the person in charge to keep our clients happy, to make them feel comfortable, to make them feel that Marfeel really makes the difference.


This will be you as part of the Marfeel team:

  • Working on an international, multicultural and talented team and enjoying our sunny terrace.

  • We have more than 19 different nationalities so, you will not get lost in translation.

  • Flexible working-time.

  • Free commodities (coffee, tea, juices,etc).

  • Ping-pong tournaments.

  • Team building events!

  • Training, books, all you need to feel the empowerment.

  • And, Referral Bonus if you bring other talented people like you.

Please apply in the following link:

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