CTO/Lead Developer

Edventures Published: September 6, 2018
Job Type


The Role

  • You’ll be part of forming Edventures strategy and long-term vision
  • You’ll lead the technology development of Edventures platform
  • You’ll hands-on code new features and improve existing ones
  • You’ll solve problems and implement new ideas as we go along
  • You'll work from anywhere you want - don't mind the location in this ad
  • You’ll over time build a team around you
  • You’ll make amazing stuff with a budget close to zero (at least for the coming months)
  • Assist our AI architect to gather, store and structure data

We don’t care that much about extensive experience and a fancy portfolio, but rather that you have a nerdy passion for programming and that you wish to grow within that domain. We also believe that the biggest motivation comes from within. Therefore it’s important that you too care, or at least have opinions, on the global impact we strive to achieve for young entrepreneurs worldwide. We believe that you are currently studying or working as a main activity but aiming to grow with this role and eventually transition in to a full-time occupation as we get the funding required.

We can offer you endless opportunities to develop both your professional and private skills and interests. We work closely with a rich variety of customers, meaning that flexibility is the only ”routine” we follow. We don’t do business hours, we work wherever and whenever we like. You’ll have the opportunity to grow with us and since we’re at a very early stage and have a small team, you’ll have a lot of influence - both in your domain of expertise but also on how we shape our company culture. That’s why we also want you to see you becoming a shareholder and co-owner with us.

Need to know/have:

  • A great taste for design and UX/UI
  • JS (ES7) and React JS
  • Git
  • Python
  • Good frontend skills with a desire to become more of a full-stack developer (if you aren't one already)
  • Process fluent, or oriented (scrum, kanban, sprint etc)
  • MongoDB (nice to have, and also easy to learn)
  • Interest in AI connected to linguistics and language understanding (like NLP, NLU, NLG)

The Startup

The GEM Global Report (2017-18) (and many other reports, for that matter) highlights the importance of new solutions in a changing labor market, with increasing unemployment rates among young people (27 years or younger - half of the world's population), where the trend continues to increase. Increased entrepreneurship is an important means of addressing this challenge but the support for entrepreneurial education today has shortcomings in both upper secondary and post-secondary education, as well as shortcomings in long-term coaching and guidance through the bureaucratic framework of each country. Edventures is a part of the solution.

We’re currently at prototype stage, meaning we have a long road ahead. That’s why we need you on our team to make a good service great and together shape the way we create a global impact for entrepreneurs, dreamers and doers. We’re looking for a person that like to take responsibility, come up with solutions and can work independently within the team - you know, the usual startup way. But we’re not usual - we’re special. And we believe you are too.

We want to make an impact - not just in Sweden, but in all parts of the world. If we succeed with our mission, we’ll be able to guide and assist every single user with individually tailored advice, adapted for their unique situation and preferences, in order to help them set up, run and grow their own businesses. No matter where in the world they are. No matter how few resources they have. Round the clock.

The spirit of our company is to believe in people that haven’t proven themselves. Yet.

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