CTO/Co-founder for SaaS Product

iRefer Published: June 2, 2017


Seeking an enthusiastic and talented technical co-founder to come on board and help continue the development work of our SaaS product called iRefer. The product has already launched, is stable and has paying customers from a number of different countries.

iRefer makes it easy for companies to set up and run their own automated referral programs.

It has been developed in Ember.js and Laravel. The product now requires further development to build out various features for existing customers and to cater for new use cases. You will have excellent knowledge

Initially, the product is being bootstrapped, but once there is enough MRR, you will be compensated with revenue share, leading to full time salary and equity. If you initially need to work around an existing job, this is fine. There is the possibility of seeking funding.

Working remotely within the UK is fine, but it would be good to meet face to face, especially at the start, as this is a co-founder opportunity, we need to get on with each other.

Please provide the following:
- Your experience in coding
- Any examples of web apps you have built in Ember + Laravel.
- Your current situation and timing.

If you're interested, please get in touch and we can have a chat about the product, company and arrangements in more detail.

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