Grei Technology Published: May 15, 2020
Stockholm, Sweden
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Our vision is a gender equal world, our mission is to develop digital solutions supporting equality. We co-create with our end-users, we use our data to challenge gender- and equality attitudes in society  and we create neutral and clean products - no judgement.

Femtech has seen enormous growth, it has exceeded 2 billion USD, estimated to over 50 billion USD 2025.

Our first (femtech) product is Grei community - a community for womanhood where no topics are tabu. We are the first one on the market, growth potential is huge!

The role

I'm looking for a technical co-founder, someone who can take the responsibility of both coding, engineering and strategical thinking around technology, who shares my vision and mission. Areas around sexuality, intimacy, female health and private problems are still tabu, so you need to be comfortable within that area of life. The first Grei community version is not the end product, we are aiming to be able to afford to design something totally from scratch. You would be a key player in this development, but also in using what we already have in a smart way. Partnership and a team is important for success, so I'm suggesting a smaller project together to see:

1) if we can work well together/whether it’s fun to work together

2) whether we can constructively solve conflicts/disagreements and then think together about our future potential working together? Title and company share is something we will discuss.

Note: We are a startup in the process of getting investors onboard. This means that monthly salary will happen once we have investors. The amount of the monthly salary depends, being a co-founder doesn't make you rich from start - you work hard to get the big bucks. Being hired pays more per month, but you will not have ownership.

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