Cofounder CTO

oQQur Published: May 15, 2020
Barcelona, Spain
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oQQur is a an app that allows to stream, interact and monetise a 360 degree live feed. (using external camera)
Current traction: 20 streamers ready in guided tour vertical. 50 more in pipeline. Access to 2500 more. 400 email signups. 5 people paid for small revenue test.

I am a product and growth guy for the past 8 years, built and consulted startup. Am passionate about fast paced, uncertain environment of B2C.

Would love to get meet to a tech partner who loves hard problems to solve. Hands on, data driven tech lead, willing to work on a project for high usage mobile and web, live video streaming app.

Mission: build the infrastructure for next generation of live streamers, to help them find their voice, build an Audience and make a living.

Key responsibilities:
1) product decisions
2) tech stack decisions(usage of existing code or implementation of own solution)
3) leading and building a team

Key Values:
1) make deductions based on what users want. Hunt data and translate to product features
2) short dev cycles. 2 week sprints of small feature sets that move the needle for the KPI
3) willing to participate in customer support. Not because there are many tickets, but because it gives plenty of information.
4) community driven
5) dedicated.

Next earlies plans are:
Run 10 tours
Aim 10% weekly growth
Test early revenue
Measure retention

Thanks, Alex