Co-Founder / CTO

WeGym Published: August 1, 2017


About the squad...
WeGym is one of the most exciting startups in the UK. Backed by Ignite100 and is radically changing the way people experience fitness.

Our existence is to make living a fitness filled lifestyle the easiest choice.

WeGym makes personal training accessible through. Through bringing two like-minded people with the same goals and abilities together to share the cost and experience.

We're dopamine dealers, disrupting what used to be a luxury product, only for the rich at a price point that millions can afford - we're building a motivation machine and trainers are only the beginning...

The opportunity

We've spent the last six months de-risking and proving our business model.

We've developed a squad of loyal trainers, customers are growing very fast and are now very confident we have something users love.

We're in revenue and snow ready to scale and are looking for someone who can get their hands dirty and build scalable technology whilst driving technical leadership and influencing the product roadmap.

Our next stage of growth is through building a world class, passionate team and that starts with a technical leader.

The superstar we need...

I'm looking for someone to share this journey with who believes in the problem we're solving ( making fitness accessible, an easier lifestyle choice and democratising dopamine baby! )

We're looking for an all round hustler not afraid to step out of their comfort zone to make it happen - I'm not a developer but I had to code to get our mvp going.