Co-Founder & CTO

Hireproof Published: April 26, 2021
Berlin, Germany
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Are you the CTO who wants to head Hireproof’s engineering team and help us make hiring suck less? We’re raising sizable pre-seed funding, and are looking for a third co-founder with equal ownership to join the ride.

What is Hireproof?

Job interviewing is hard, takes a lot of time, often leads to biased decisions, and most people - even professional recruiters - are not very good at it. We offer a science-backed, simple, and fun way to manage and conduct job interviews, packaged in a B2B SaaS solution. We’re in the pre-seed stage, currently building the MVP, and working towards our “first sellable product” that we hope to launch towards the end of the year. We’re backed by a well-respected European VC fund and are set for 18 months, during which we will create a solid product and prepare for scaling our operations globally.


Who are your co-founders?

Business - Max, Helsinki. Geek for organizational psychology. Crazy curious and chronically competitive. Enjoys building teams and companies and tries to learn something new every day. Been the HR lead for a VR startup in Tokyo and a recruiter for a global tech unicorn. Dabbled with marketing and BizDev too.

Product - Nick, Amsterdam. Frontend Developer 9-5, builder, dreamer, and jokester 24/7. Dozens of failed products, a few successful ones. Work experience ranges from small startups to unicorns.


Who are you?

You live in the EU, and you are very comfortable using English as your working language.

You have entrepreneurial ambitions; you have worked at enough startups to know what that entails. You are not intimidated by building a product from scratch, and your pragmatic and analytical mindset will lay out a well-reasoned roadmap and estimate.

You have a high risk tolerance. We are funded, paying a salary and equal equity, so we expect you to come on board, completely, full-time, as soon as possible.

You want to be directly involved in everything from designing architecture, choosing the tech and tools to improve the development process and operations. You are comfortable getting your hands dirty, iterating fast, and shipping products. We don’t care if you learned to program at university or on your own, but to succeed in this role, we believe you must have tried and true experience building and hosting apps, backend APIs, and integrations with other systems.

You will want to work closely with your product team to deliver high-quality backend, CI, and DevOps to ensure efficient and cohesive development and collaboration.

Your tech stack can be built around JavaScript, Python, or something else; you make all the decisions regarding the backend, so if you can justify it, we'll go with it.

However, your ultimate goal should not lie only in code but rather in engineering management, maintaining a product, and building a world-class engineering culture in a globally-minded remote setting.


What can we offer?

Equal equity. Collaborative, eager, experienced, and most importantly, good-natured (if we may say so ourselves) co-founders. Greenfields tech stack, you’re in charge of tech & tools. The responsibility and ownership of a world-class product. A modern, adaptable, and asynchronous, remote-first workplace. Salary; we understand you have a life to maintain - so do we - but the main motivation should be equity.


What does our process look like?

Interested? The first step: send us your application, and we’ll invite everyone who fits for a casual video chat. The aim is simply to get to know you a bit better and give you an overview of who we are and what we are building.

If things seem good, we’ll get a bit more hands-on as the next step: we’ll have a “working session” with the whole team where we discuss our product backlog and some technical concepts relating to the product. We’ll ask some questions, and you’ll hopefully tell us how we’re wrong and teach us something we didn’t know.

Finally, we’ll invite our top candidate to work with us for two weeks (part-time): we’ll pick something from the backlog, get hands-on, and see how we feel working with each other. If in two weeks we’re all still excited to move forward, we will welcome you to the team. We understand two weeks is a lot of time for a ‘test’, however, we have both spent that time and more on this project before it had legs, so for equal equity, we’d expect you to accept equal risk.