Chief Technology Officer

Solenica Published: September 13, 2018
Rome, Italy
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Are you a motivated entrepreneurial spirit who is passionate about hardware and IoT? Do you enjoy inventing and evolving radically new products for the global market? Have you ever looked at how we spend our time indoors and thought there was a better solution? At Solenica, our mission is to set the new standard for healthy indoor living. We are committed to creating intelligent, accessible products that transform the power of our indoor spaces. Our first product, Caia the natural lighting robot, has been a smash success with over $850,000 in pre-orders to date between Indiegogo and Backerkit.

We are looking for someone who is excited to take on the challenge of bringing Caia to consumers in 53 countries as well as develop future products for launch. Solenica has a long term vision for a suite of wellness hardware that can truly improve our indoor living experience.

Are you our next CTO?

Solenica is a hardware-heavy IoT company at the intersection of wellness and robotics ( Solenica is a California startup opening its operations in Rome, Italy where the entire team will be relocated starting this September 2018.


Applicants (and their families if relevant) must be willing to relocate to Rome, Italy.


Hard skills

  • Bachelor Degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Electronics engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, or similar
  • Experience with taking to market consumer electronics products from concept to mass production
  • Understanding of and experience with the development, release and subsequent maintenance of embedded software in a product
  • Broad scientific knowledge and approach
  • Skilled in several of the following:
    • Electronics & PCB Design
    • CAD (mechanical & electronics)
    • Embedded / software programming
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Optics
    • Ergonomics
    • Product design
    • Industrial design
    • Cloud technology


  • Collaboration. We consider this a hard  skill, not a soft skill. If you can’t successfully work in a team please do not apply.
  • Communication. As a c-suite position you are part of the strategic core of the startup and therefore have to be able to communicate with other non technical Cs
  • Leadership. Be able to motivate your team in any situation, no matter how stressful. Lead by example.
  • People management. The ability to make the best use of human resources, to defuse confrontational situations and provide a calm, friendly and efficient working environment for your staff.
  • Deadlines. You must know how to set realistic deadlines for yourself and your team.
  • Organized and detail oriented. Your work must be exhaustively detailed and categorized and archived in our system so that it can be pulled up and consulted at any time by any member of the Solenica team.
  • Reliable. You have to be 100% reliable so that you will have all the support and collaboration and admiration of your team. We have a messaging system in place so that depending on the level of emergency a different platform is used. You are expected to be reachable on the highest level of emergency platform at all times.
  • Rapid prototyping. All the rapid prototyping techniques and machines. You will build a prototyping lab from scratch alongside the CEO.
  • DFM/DFA knowledge. It’s important that when you design you have ease of manufacture of components, and ease of assembly in mind as these are very relevant cost reduction techniques.
  • Production experience. We will move from prototyping to mass manufacture and you have to know what elements matter in large scale.production techniques and processes so that you incorporate them ahead of time in the prototype thinking and brainstorming stage.

Nice to have

  • Experience with sensor systems, particularly optical sensors and cameras
  • Love for hiking and sports 🙂 We will go on outings to share some lazy free time together too!

How to apply

Send an email directly to the CEO at [email protected] including the following materials: (i) CV, (ii) presentation letter (this can be a video if you prefer) and (iii) complete name and contact details of at least one reference from a recent professional contact.

Compensation is commensurate with experience.

Your application will be reviewed by the CEO and exiting CTO who will remain onboard as a technical advisor to the company.