C# Software Engineer

Open Cosmos Published: May 15, 2018
Harwell, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
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Open Cosmos is revolutionising the way space technology is used.

Driven by the vision of making space accessible to anyone, we provide simple and affordable space missions using nanosatellite technology. We went from design to delivery of our first nanosatellite qb01 in only four months, followed by its launch and deployment in LEO early April 2017.

The company is currently developing the next generation of satellites and end-to-end services for private and institutional customers to be launched in 2018. Based in the Harwell-Oxford Campus in the UK, we are a young and ambitious team with experience in the aerospace, electronics and software industries. To support our growth and make our vision a reality we are looking for the brightest minds and the best talents in every domain.

Description of the position

Open Cosmos is seeking talented and enthusiastic C# developers with interest in space, to build a collection of services which will be responsible for the control and mission operations of several fleets/constellations of satellites.

Additionally we also require more C# developers (ideally familiar with PostgreSQL and RabbitMQ), to accelerate the development of our mission simulation / payload testing / payload development products.

We have an active and collaborative social environment within the company.

You will have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of space engineering while working on our projects alongside space engineers and a highly experienced satellite operator who has previously operated several $billion of space assets.

Reciprocally, you will be able to help them to gain a better understanding of SOLID design principles, DDD, and software design patterns.

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