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Dr. Pendl & Dr. Piswanger Published: June 28, 2019
Bucharest, Romania
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For a fast-paced software company in Berlin, Germany, with a focus on developing graphics products, we look for C++ Developer Location: Berlin, Germany

About the software:

The focus is on business slides (as opposed to more artful applications) which offer great potential for automation of layout tasks that are traditionally performed by PowerPoint users themselves. Challenges are plenty: from a solid understanding of what makes a good layout and which guidelines are followed by humans who do manual layout, to algorithms that produce an acceptable output fast enough for interactive slide design, to a graphical user interface that supports the new, original approach to slide layout in a way that is easy to understand yet unobtrusive, to solid technical solutions for automatic bug reporting and automatic updates, to compatibility with third-party software on the computers of half a million users.


About this job:

We are looking for smart, creative developers with a solid theoretical background. Developers the company have hired in the past mostly hold an exceptional master's degree in computer science or even a doctorate.

You will work largely independently and will be responsible for the whole range of activities when implementing a new feature. You should be able to look at a problem from the user's perspective and discuss abstract concepts with fellow developers.

Developers will do architecture, design, implementation, customer feedback and bug fixing. Everyone is in control of their own work, without splitting activities in between several people.


  • Everything done is C++ including customer portal. The build scripts are written in Python, but other than that, is all about C++
  • C++11 features like lambdas and rvalue references throughout their codebase or C++.


  • The foundation is an algorithm for automatic slide layout, plus a developed new algorithm for automatic point cloud labeling and a new algorithm for automatic column chart labeling.
  • They are working the linear solver CLP – to make John Forrest’s simplex code faster
  • The software not only produces charts, it is also able to read them back from paper relying for chart recognition on OpenCV and the Leptonica Image Processing Library.



  • Excellent work environment where there are no deadlines, and no scheduled meetings which take place as needed, with only the people that are involved being required to be present
  • The company encourages a healthy work-life balance. There is no work at night or on weekends, and there is lot of support for staff's families with a full-time company nanny.
  • Annual gross salary from EUR 70,000, - with appropriate experience and qualification there is a significant overpayment possible.
  • Relocation package as well as accomodation are possible plus support for families’ integration.


Resumes or / and recommendations at [email protected] mentioning as subject e-mail C#dev19


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