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FindHotel Published: September 15, 2018
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Do you want to join us on a journey to change the trillion dollar travel industry? We are looking for the best and brightest who share our passion for travellers, data and product. FindHotel believes travel is the one thing that really opens minds to new ideas, cultures and ways of thinking.


Our mission is to get every traveller in the world the best accommodation deal. From adventure travel and backpacking to honeymoons and family vacations, we deeply care so that every traveller can make the best informed accommodation choice at the absolute best conditions for every trip.


To make that possible we are collecting and analysing a vast amount of data. In the last 12 months we helped travellers book 1 million nights, while growing profitably at +100% a year, a unique achievement in the accommodation industry today. Overall, our data pipeline is currently ingesting about 80 GBs of data per hour and growing quickly as we grow as well. Using these large datasets effectively is a continuous challenge for our analysts and data scientists.


We are looking for an enthusiastic, motivated Business Intelligence Engineer to help scale our data warehousing and business intelligence capabilities to make sure all our teams have the right data efficiently available whenever they need it. You will collaborate with team members with a wide range of expertise, including engineers, analysts and a PO.


We are working with a modern stack including Amazon Redshift/Spectrum and Looker. We work in a flexible, results-oriented team structure, focused on shipping value in a collaborative fashion, with just the right amount of bureaucracy.


What you will be doing

  • Work with your squad to build the ETL and BI environment used widely by most teams at FindHotel (i.e. performance marketing, web development, supply management, and the leadership team)
  • Optimise the performance of Looker dashboards and the various data warehouse processes so that response times for queries, reports, and dashboards are fast
  • Relentlessly improve the way that data is delivered, whether it's gathering requirements for a new dashboard or inventing a new, better way of presenting multi-dimensional data
  • Coach Looker power users in every team to make them as capable and independent as possible, so that you can focus on bigger things
  • Measure and improve the way data and BI is used across the organisation

What a day in the office might look like

In the morning, you have a quick look at the overnight ETL summary to make sure that users will get the most recent and fault-free data. During a daily stand-up, you sync with the team and chat about ingesting data from the new marketing platform. Next, you move on to building a new Looker dashboard to expose data from the new platform to our marketers - let's experiment a bit here and provide data using few different visualisations and data presentation methods - you can then gather some feedback from those smart guys, after all, the most important objective is to allow them to explore data as seamlessly as possible. After lunch and few intensive table tennis games, now it's a good moment to think about how to validate data from the new marketing platform - the nature of ETL or complex SQL calculations is that they like to lose some data points - but you're here to understand and prevent such situations. At the end of the day, you sit together with a data engineer to resolve an issue raised by one of the data scientists.


The squad

You will be working with the Data Engineers and other BI Engineers within the Data Engineering squad, also collaborating with data scientists and analysts in other teams.



People we love

  • You have at least 2 years of experience in business intelligence and data warehousing
  • You are a SQL master
  • Ideally you have worked with Looker Data Platform in the past
  • You can identify the right balance between excellence and good-enough, and know when good-enough won’t scale any further you will push for a longer term solution
  • You are flexible, curious, and data-guided in deciding what to work on
  • You have a keen eye for details
  • Experience with Python is a plus
  • Experience with data visualisation / D3 is a plus

Do you want to know if FindHotel is the right place for you? Find out by reading our CEO's blog post.


What we offer

  • Lots of chances to learn and grow – you’ll be surrounded by some of the brightest minds in the city, part of a culture which values sharing knowledge every day, and given a budget to attend conferences and develop yourself
  • We are on a mission to change a trillion dollar travel industry by focusing on improving by benefiting the traveler
  • A profitable company with fast growth and a great scale opportunity
  • A competitive compensation package + perks and benefits
  • You will be part of a highly international team in a fun work environment
  • We value food, and will offer warm meals (not just Dutch sandwiches)

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