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Marshmallow Published: April 26, 2021
London, United Kingdom
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We're on a mission to make insurance more instant, affordable and inclusive by building the most tech-focused insurance company of our generation.

Scroll down the page to see all associated job requirements, and any responsibilities successful candidates can expect.

We use machine learning, automation, our own technology stack and comprehensive data integrations to offer quicker, simpler and fairer insurance to customers.

We are currently valued at over $300m, despite only being founded 3.5 years ago, and have raised $35m to date.

We are a team of 95 and counting, have a 4.5
* Trustpilot score, and are championed by amazing investors who have backed the likes of Monzo and Spotify.

For the inside scoop on our culture and what working at Marshmallow is like, have a read of our [culture handbook]( As a tech-centric organization, our engineers are fundamental to our success, and we're incredibly proud of everything we've achieved so far.

We've created a fraud detection system to catch an increasing number of fraudsters in their tracks, along with a bespoke Customer Account web application to allow customers to self-serve for the majority of their needs
- something unheard of in the insurance space! We've also built a unique bespoke risk engine, to accurately price one of the most diverse insurance customer bases in the world.

We affectionately call this system "Milkshake", as it's composed of hundreds of data points along with Machine Learning models, all blended together to produce a price for our wonderful customers, meaning that we can assess risk more fairly and comprehensively than ever before.

In 2021 we expect our customer base to triple, meaning that there are plenty of exciting challenges ahead.

We will need to plan for growing volumes whilst also building new product features, continually looking for ways to automate processes to keep up with our ambitious growth plans.

We work in small cross-functional teams, meaning that everyone has the opportunity to take ownership of their work and make a big impact.

However, our work is never siloed.

We work closely with designers, product managers, data scientists and other stakeholders to develop and improve the product roadmap, always keeping customer needs in mind.

It's going to be an incredible year and we're only just getting started.

About the role: We're currently hiring across three of our engineering teams! When you apply, we'd love to know which mission appeals to you the most.
* Efficiency Team all about making the customers' experience with Marshmallow as instant, efficient, and delightful as possible.

This involves enabling our customers to self-serve their policy needs, be it making policy changes, downloading policy documents or managing renewals.

When a customer contacts us, our tools and automated processes enable our wonderful customer operations team to provide the best help possible by giving them all the information they need instantly.

We continually work with the customer operations team and the wider product and design team to identify patterns in the frustrations or needs of our customers, and provide solutions to make Marshmallow the best insurer in the world.
* Growth Team responsible for making Marshmallow do this: Every startup needs to grow, and it's among the most important metrics that Marshmallow is judged by.

We are responsible for making the customer signup & renewal experiences as customer-friendly as possible and for exploring acquisition channels to improve our sign-up rate.

We also maintain our comparison site integrations, and implement changes to our pricing system.

Our team consists of backend & frontend engineers, a design manager, a content designer, and a product manager.

Handling the constant flood of quote requests arriving at our site comes with many tough but exciting engineering problems, we handle hundreds of thousands of these requests every day, with all data being stored for later analysis.

As a team, we try to focus less on the short term, and more on steering towards larger opportunities for growth with equally big payoffs.
* Claims Team Filling a claim with your insurer is never an enjoyable process.

You may have been involved in an accident or something has happened to your car, and you need to notify your insurer using a long and convoluted process.

However, our goal as a team is make this key part of the customer experience as smooth and simple as possible
- we recognise that the claims process will never be fun, but it can certainly be improved.

In the short term, this involves working with our delivery partners to build reliable and accurate integrations, as well as developing our ability internally to inform customers about what is going on and what we need from them.


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