Back-end Software Engineer at Kyokan

Kyokan Published: May 25, 2018



Job Description

Kyokan is a software engineering consultancy that builds products and infrastructure for the crypto asset industry. Founded by software engineers who have worked at Symphony Communications, Wealthfront, and Uber, we are bootstrapped and profitable. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, we're building remote-first, distributed product teams. We are laying the foundation for a robust, collaborative, friendly, and diligent product culture that will last for decades. We value dedication to craft, intrinsically motivated pursuit of mastery, and care for quality. We bring a relentless drive to deliver outsized impact to the projects we collaborate with. We believe that public blockchains will replace networks with markets, enabling a future with greater efficiency and individual agency. We are looking for exceptional software engineers and product-focused professionals to join us.

A Typical Week: 
- You'll collaborate with product managers, designers, and software engineers to solve problems for products that interact with public blockchains.
- You'll work with new technologies, smart contract languages, and layer2/scaling solutions.
- You'll interact directly with users, clients, partner product teams outside of Kyokan, and the wider OSS ecosystem, to better understand their needs.
- You'll stay close to the code, solving real user problems and contributing to the state of the art in public chain infrastructure, developer tooling, and distributed application (DApp) development.

- Build and improve backend systems, services and APIs that interact with public blockchains, including decentralized applications (DApps), wallets, and developer tools
- Work remotely with multidisciplinary teams to build, maintain and define requirements for production applications serving millions of users
- Design and implement scalable and resilient systems

Minimum qualifications:
- At least two years of backend software development experience
- Software development experience in Java/Go/Python
- Experience with data structures, algorithms, design patterns, and concurrent programming
- Effective verbal and written communicator, able to receive product requirements and explain technical concepts when interacting with multidisciplinary teams

Preferred qualifications 
- At least four years of backend software development experience
- Experience building and maintaining large-scale software in production
- Experience building blockchain applications (Solidity, Geth, Truffle)
- Professional experience operating at least one distributed data storage system, at scale and in a team environment. Some examples include: a relational database like MySQL, a search engine like Solr, or a streaming message bus like Kafka
- Solid competency in software engineering, using functional or imperative programming languages (Java/Go/Python/Rust/Elixir/Clojure)
- Experience using distributed storage systems scaled out across hundreds or thousands of servers.

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