Bachelor or Master Thesis or IDP (m/f) – Point Cloud Calibration

This job posting expired and applications are no longer accepted.
Blickfeld GmbH Published: January 10, 2019
München, Germany
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LiDAR systems measure distances by stopping the time a laser pulse needs to travel from the sensor to an object and back. By conducting more than 1 Million distance measurements per second, using silicon MEMS mirrors for beam steering, a 3D point cloud of the surroundings of the sensor can be created in real time. The calibration of our mirrors guarantees high angular resolution which forms the base of our object detection algorithms.

That’s where you come in. You will work closely with the Optics, Controls and Mems team in order to design a camera-based calibration algorithm. When your algorithm is working and tested, it will be used to calibrate all Blickfeld scanners leaving our production line.

Blickfeld is a Munich-based startup company founded in 2017 with the vision to provide autonomous systems the eyes to see the world: We develop revolutionary scanning LiDAR systems and detection software for environment perception. Our unique solution enables countless scenarios like autonomous transportation, mapping, robotics, and smart and safe cities.


  • Get acquainted with the working principle of our MEMS beam steering unit
  • Develop a calibration algorithm and implement it into our production workflow
  • Integrate an automated quality control algorithm based on feature detection and analysis, preferably in OpenCV


  • You are pursuing a Bachelor or Master degree in Electrical Engineering, Informatics, Mathematics, Data Science or similar
  • You have a good knowledge of at least one object-oriented programming language such as python, C++, Matlab or similar
  • You are familiar with image processing e.g. OpenCV
  • You are creative and have an analytical mind

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