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ProntoPro Published: November 9, 2020
Milan, Italy
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About Us is Italy's largest local service marketplace,now expanding internationally. We help millions of customers to find a local service professional: we cover 400+ services, ranging from wedding photographers to plumbers to guitar teachers. Within a few years, we expect that booking a plumber or a painter online will be as effortless as buying a book. Today that's not the case, and we're out to change it. The opportunity is huge.

We area fast-growing startup: 2 people inMarch 2015, now we are over 100. We strive to minimize bull*** and maximize impact: average age is 29, because often brain is more important than experience; we work in open space, because communication needs to happen quickly; everyone has very large responsibilities, because we don't have time to do any handholding (and we think it's counterproductive).

Investors include people from Google, Facebook, eBay, McKinsey, as well as the famous entrepreneurs behind We have the growth-rate of a startup, but not the risk...

We are looking for people who want to help us build a service that everyone will use multiple times a year; a service that will make a difference in society.It's not an easy job.

Job Description

We are looking for an Automation Engineer who will help ProntoPro to bring the suppliers (service professionals) to our platform - bringing it to the next level in Italy while building it from scratch in our international countries. Your entrepreneurship and drive will enable us to develop our strategy and acquire hundreds of thousands of service professionals throughout Europe until the end of 2020.


  • You are highly analytical and have already worked on projects using programming languages such as PHP, Javascript, Python or C++;
  • You figure things out. You do not expect nor need hand-holding;
  • You hate manual work and automate every repetitive task immediately;
  • You are itching for real responsibility - to be in a position where you can really make or break the company;
  • You want to build something huge that will change the way all your colleagues and therefore will operate;
  • You have the startup all-hands-on-deck I’ll-make-it-happen-no-matter-what approach!

Your Job:

You will own several channels to acquire service professionals across all our countries. You will do your own planning and decide how much to invest in each channel - always being responsible for the final KPIs. If you manage to have a positive ROI, you can scale up channels and budgets as much as you want.

Furthermore, you will improve the efficiency of our day-to-day operations. We want technical people with a strong business acumen. You will create processes and technology-enabled strategies no one in the company has thought of before. You will be solving problems that have never been solved before, so no one will be able to teach you; you will think, try, fail, repeat, and win.

You will find those improvement opportunities by yourself. We are looking for entrepreneurs who take real ownership, not people who are waiting for someone to tell them what to do.


  • Responsibility from day 1 - see the impact of your work!
  • Learn and grow in a dynamic international team;
  • Valuable insights into the world of digital marketing and a fastly growing startup;
  • Central office in Milan;
  • English as the company language;
  • Friday beers are on us!
  • In-office Table Tennis and Darts to let off some steam after work!


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