ZEUS NEXT Advanced Technologies GmbH

ZEUS NEXT Advanced Technologies GmbH
Business Name:
ZEUS NEXT Advanced Technologies GmbH
Business Description:
International start-up from Magdeburg. Specialised for innovative super light 5kWh power sources based on super nano-capacitors, with 1.5kg.
Long Business Description:

We are a small international start-up from Magdeburg, but we’ve serious idea in energy storage field.
Our team believes that every person in the world deserves to have in his hand an autonomous source of energy. This will have not only a positive effect on the ecology of the planet as a whole, but will also lay the foundation for the education of a harmonisation and technically advanced society.
We want to produce innovative super light power sources based on super nano-capacitors (5kWh, 48V, up to 1,5kg) in Germany. This product is indeed a serious competition to exist energy storage systems that are chemistry-based. For now, we are actively looking for investments.

Based in:
power sources, batteries, energy
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