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Business Description
The Zero Pollution Network’s Mission is to facilitate the development and delivery of solutions to reduce aquatic pollution such as plastics, micro-plastics, raw sewage, wastewater treatment works discharges, mine waters, agricultural diffused pollution, highways runoff and industrial process discharges head-on by bringing together decades of knowledge, solution providers, installation teams, intellectual property, financiers and benefactors, engineers, consultants and scientist.
Long Business Description

It is all about combatting global aquatic pollution, protecting our wet environment, water supplies, through science and technology, whereby we enable, facilitate and bring together those with the skills, ideas, solutions, resources and resolve to deliver reductions in pollution such as plastics in the oceans at source.

The Network is geared particularly to embrace, foster, nurture small and micro businesses, sole traders, inventors and innovators who may have great ideas, but to the detriment of our Aquatic World are often overlooked, dismissed and ignored by customers and investors alike. Our objective is to bring these innovative local partners together, complement them with deep technical, operational and governance expertise along with capital to accelerate innovative integrated solutions that can start improving the environment today in multiple dimensions, including strategies to achieve such benefits as reduced chemical usage and implementing low carbon emission solutions.

The Network is also about supply chains, their underlying ethics, stewardship, corporate social responsibility and how they can contribute, play their part in the battle against aquatic pollution. We are a network of doers and not a protest movement – we not only want to be implementing the right things, but we also want to do things the right way and to help network Members upscale to have greater reach and impact. Sustainable solutions begin with the recognition that change and improvement is a continuous journey.

The Network in part is funded by donations to the Zero Pollution Foundation that result from the success of the Network Members. The latter follows the simple adage that without the Network there is no business, but joined up we all can win, deliver, do business and simultaneously strive towards the Network’s goal of achieving Zero Pollution.

The donation process is cyclic, as the donations made to the Foundation in turn, fund publicity, investment, R&D, trials and recognition for the Network’s solution providers, donors and contributors. This in turn can generate positive media coverage that acts as a virtual endorsement, raises credibility, increase customer confidence and simply spreads the word that there are viable solutions in the marketplace. Ultimately, for the small or micro entity, this network leverage and publicity can help to unlock investment, or even result in a partial or full trade sale to a fellow Network Member or even to the Network itself.

Membership at the base level is free and Members are only obliged to pay/ contribute to the Foundation once they have won business, with a suggested donation level of between 2.5% and 5% which is fully Corporation Tax Deductible in most countries.

However, there is nothing to stop anybody or business at any time donating to the Zero Pollution Foundation www.zero-pollution.foundation

•Increased Sales & Revenue
•Ability to Focus R&D in the Right Direction
•Educate and Drive Adoption of Technology
•The Strength of Working Together
•Lobbying Power of a Single Voice
•Public Demonstration of Corporate Social Responsibility CSR
•Networking & Social Media Opportunities
•The Zero Pollution Competitions - Challenge Board
•Venture Capital Funding
•Simplified or Collective Access to Grant Funding
•Access to Trial Sites & Test Facilities
•Share Skills to Plug Skill & Resource Gaps
•Discounts on Fellow Members Products and Services
•Trade Show Pavilions at Discounted Rates
•Ability to Form Joint Ventures
•M&A and Exit Strategy Planning

Based in
UK, London
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