Business Description
Zenati Automobili is a company born of a passion for cars and technology. We are building the first hypercar supported by technological innovation

The passion for the automotive and design sector pushed Gianpiero Zenati to devise an innovative and hyper-technological hypercar. Both the interior and exterior of the car are designed to make its forms harmonious, sinuous and faithful to the made in Italy design. The ambitious project required several months of gestation to define the main strengths of the product and what will be the optimal path to penetrate the reference sector.

A careful market analysis has been carried out (from the point of view of supply and demand).
The analysis of the offer focused on the 24 main hypercar manufacturers, as well as potential competitors of the future Zenati company. The strengths that have enabled them to establish themselves and the development trends of the sector have been studied.

It has been found that the technological evolution and development of hybrid cars is pushing many of the analyzed companies (see for example Porsche and McLaren) to develop models of hypercars with hybrid engines.
The costs for the development of the products in question are significant and justify the high selling price, which often exceeds € 1 million and sometimes even € 2 million if customizations offered by production companies are included.

The demand analysis identified potential customers among the Ultra High Networth Individuals, that is, individuals with net assets in excess of € 30 million. Since the financial crisis of 2007-2009 the increase in the concentration of wealth has led to a constant growth of the members of this category, making the luxury market increasingly profitable.
Long Business Description

The first model of hypercar that will be launched will have a minimum power of 700 hp, a maximum speed of over 350 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h under 3 seconds. Furthermore, the car's main strengths will be the design and technologies implemented within it.

The realization of such an ambitious project requires a prepared team capable of understanding the corporate vision: Gianpiero Zenati will be able to count on four trust profiles that will play a key role in the startup phase. Gianmauro Pozzovivo (electronic engineer), Vincenzo Pierro (sales and marketing), Vincenzo Grieco (mechanical engineer at Ferrari SpA) will have a fundamental role in the development of the company. Further partnerships with the best universities will support Zenati in the realization, and subsequent maintenance, of its project from a technical and managerial point of view.
With regard to the marketing campaign, it is possible to divide the GANTT into two fundamental phases. During the first 3 years of life, the company will be mainly engaged in the design and development of the first prototype of the car. In this first phase, we will try to make it known to the general public by publishing articles and

presenting a first model at automotive fairs. After completing the prototype, newspaper articles will be abandoned and more will be invested in participation in international exhibitions. In this case the target will be the potential customers and, thanks also to a sales agent, it is expected to have the first order for car production.

In the following years the company will continue to produce the cars on commission until the number of copies required by the limited circulation is exhausted.

In the first 3 years of life the company will make use of engineering consultancy that will accompany the internal engineers in product development. The business model, as for many competitors operating in the sector, requires that a large part of the production is outsourced, so as to be able to significantly reduce fixed costs and consequently the business risk linked to the activity. The handicraft production of the main carbon components and the assembly of the entire car remains a strict responsibility of the company.

2 - Definition of the product

Both the interiors and the exteriors of the hypercar are studied in detail to create a product with unique performance and design. The choice of materials is well defined. The chassis, body and steering wheel will be made of carbon fiber. Dashboard and controls will be made of aluminum or steel. Extremely refined materials will embellish the interior, enhancing every detail. The distinguishing element of the latter will be the presence of LEDs, through which it will be possible to create different plays of light inside the passenger compartment, with the possibility of changing the temperature and intensity of the colors.

The line of the car explicitly recalls made in Italy through harmonious and elongated lateral lines that streamline it. The well-defined front emphasizes the sporty nature of the car, giving it an aggressive but elegant tone. In line with this idea is the minimalism of the rear-view mirrors, which respond to the aesthetic parameters without sacrificing their functionality. As for the rear of the car, two elements stand out: the lack of a spoiler, voluntarily omitted in order not to weigh down the visual image, and the pentagonal shaped exhausts. Moreover, the engine will be appreciable from the outside thanks to a panel produced with a transparent material.

The car will presumably be equipped with a V8 engine (it will eventually be possible to implement a V10 or V12), combined with an electric motor, capable of developing a maximum total power of no less than 700 horses. The natural consequence of these mechanical characteristics is the incredible performance of the hypercar that will be able to reach a maximum speed of over 350 km / h and to go from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds. To ensure an adrenalin-free but at the same time safe driving, the automatic and sequential gearbox will play a crucial role, which with instant passage times will guarantee a competition standard, as well as the braking system composed of carbon ceramic calipers. Therefore, the implementation in the car of active aerodynamic components that increase the performance, downforce and aerodynamics of the vehicle is of fundamental importance.

A further strong point is the technological equipment of this car, starting from the starting of the engine which is allowed not only through the recognition of the key (without insertion), but also through a voice recognition system or fingerprint. This will be combined with a latest-generation infotainment system to ensure a 360-degree experience.

As evidence of the high level of technological integration that we intend to achieve, an app will be developed that allows us to monitor our car, geolocate it and obtain data and information relating to performance in real time. However, the most impactful application functionality for users will be the ability for the driver to remotely control the vehicle, using remote functions.

An important aspect for the brand is the possibility of customization. While on the one hand we aim to create a solid brand identity through a
color that can identify the Zenati brand, on the other the customer will have the opportunity to shape, on the basis of their own needs and tastes, a multiplicity of aspects and construction details. Given the high level of customization, there will never be two identical cars. These will be unique specimens, authentic works of art produced in an extremely limited edition.

Unsurprisingly, Zenati's philosophy is not based on an exclusively product-centric vision, but sees customer satisfaction as a crucial aspiration. The aim is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction through the care of both the pre-sales and post-sales phases. As for the first, we act on product customization, partnerships with financial and insurance companies to guarantee the purchaser advantageous purchase conditions, partnerships with luxury boutiques to provide a wider experience and finally partnerships with transport companies to come meeting the logistic needs of the final consumer.

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