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Business Description
Zealbots.com is a specialized configurable search engine and teaching eco-system for academia. Automated machine learning based search and dedicated cloud storage are some of the main features. All our products are empowered with artificial intelligence, natural language processing, computer vision and secure cloud technologies,
Long Business Description


Academic research is a mundane task, with too many inefficient tools students and researchers are struggling to keep up the academic world. Which is often causing waste of time and money.

How do we solve it?
Users configure zealbots. We send articles, funding, competitors and technologies. Users evaluate our recommendations. We analyse and continuously improve the results. Users can store, share and cite publications using our cloud/ desktop applications


More 100 million students, researchers, clinicians, industrial R&D personnel and market analytics people are potential customers. We can save 100s of hours in their search routine by automating most of the repetitive tasks and give more time for innovation.

Students: Especially final year bachelor and master students who are struggling to complete their thesis work see a lot of value in ZealBots.

Researchers: PhD scholars and professional researchers spend 400-600 hours in a year just for repetitive search tasks and data collection.

Clinicians and industrial researchers: They rely on up to date scientific information for their day-to-day tasks. We can automate their tasks with highly accurate personalization.

Market research and sales pipeline: Thousands of companies around the world making and selling products based on scientific data. Finding their competitors and potential customers is straightforward using zealbots analytics

Librarians: Academic institutions and public libraries constantly look for new data sources to integrate within their organization knowledge base. Constantly monitoring thousands of resources is not possible. We automatically integrate almost everything in the academic domain and update our library on a daily basis. It will also help improve their brand value, visibility and ranking.

Government Bodies and NGOs: For evaluating new investment areas and strategic planning many organizations rely on third party analytics (often expensive and time consuming) provides. With advanced customizable zealbots dashboards, they can make strategic decisions and evaluation of their investments easily.

Competitive Advantage:

We are a team of researchers and engineers with first hand experience in academic knowledge discovery. We spent hundreds of hours doing research ourselves and interviewed hundreds of students and built zealbots for our pressing needs.

Our technical competency in the state-of-the-art cloud computing and AI technology allows us to build a truly futuristic and scalable platform for the real pain. We co-develop with target customers for day one.


Google Scholar is the default place where people go to search for any academic information. They have advantage internet supremacy, but most researchers turn to subject specific data sources when they need to get highly specific information. Also google scholar is a by-product of giant search engines naturally it presents only popular hits. But researchers want more relevant and highly specific data. That’s where ZEALBOTS’s personalized data delivery can help.

ResearchGate is more like a social media platform for researchers with 17 million users. They are attractive for Q/A and social validation of researchers' lives. Still it lacks any advanced search or other research related tools.


Subscription based recurrent revenue from end-users
SaaS subscription for institutions On-cloud / On-premises
Collective licences for research groups
Ad revenue from free user web / desktop / mobile app
Affiliate sales or books / chemicals / devices

Sales cycle.

Subscription sales for end-users is completely automated. Through academic conferences, ad campaigns and referrals we can establish growth.
SaaS sales for institutions takes 3-6 months based on the requirements and size of the university. We are working to optimize this cycle.
Add revenue and affiliate marketing and sales can be automated for the most part. In depth analytics and big enough user-base will help us there.

Based in
Artificial Intelligence, Education, Research, Cloud
Total Funding
Between €1-€100K
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