Yuro Foundation

Yuro Foundation
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Yuro Foundation
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Yuro, a blockchain startup is stabilizing the extremely volatile cryptocurrency through the use of its Ethereum based stable coin. Crypto assets are extremely volatile. This extreme volatility makes it difficult for any crypto asset to function as a digital currency. This volatility has been evidenced by the recent crash of the entire market which causes a drop of more than $500 Billion in less than a quarter. During this recent crash, there was no sufficiently stable cryptocurrency to protect investors so the crash decreased overall confidence in the crypto market. Yuro is designed to solve that problem. The value of one Yuro token is derived from what one Euro can purchase of a weighted basket of 5 major currencies. Over $5 Trillion of Forex is traded every single day. This high liquidity leads to low volatility. By deriving the value from 5 major currencies Yuro’s value is designed to be extremely stable. This weighted average is also likely to outperform one single currency. Yuro’s smart contract provides a convenient, transparent, and secure manner for exchanging Yuro tokens for Ethereum. The smart contract holds 100% of the Ethereum generated every time a Yuro token is issued making it extremely liquid at all times. This high liquidity enables anyone to hedge against the price of Ethereum.
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crypto, bitcoin, cryptocurrency
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