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Business Description
Yuman is a CMMS (Computer Assisted Maintenance Management System) based on the latest generation of cloud and mobile technologies that will ensure maintenance teams increased productivity, efficiency and quality of service.
Our vision is to provide technical teams with a new way to work, collaborate and organize by creating an easy-to-use maintenance application that managers and technicians enjoy using.
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Functionalities of our application :

Shared planning visible from computer and mobile
Mapping of interventions
Travel time from previous site
Connection with Waze from the technician's mobile

Customizable intervention form: intervention address, equipment concerned, tasks to be carried out, list of necessary equipment...
On-site photography
Client's signature
Real-time receipt of the workorder on the manager's workstation

On-site or off-site invoicing
Valuation of the duration of interventions and materials used
Package management
Addition of VAT certificates and GTCs
Sending the invoice in PDF format to the customer

Inventory of equipment (technical data sheet, photo library, history of interventions...)
Construction of maintenance ranges
Generation of maintenance plans
Generation of preventive workorders

Yuman allows maintenance providers to manage their customers and associated contacts, sites and equipment. Also benefit from automatically generated KPIs that will allow them to optimize their activity.

Our solution is cloud and mobile to meet the requirements of maintenance providers. Adopting Yuman will bring significant productivity gains through the simplification and real-time sharing of information.

Based in
CMMS, technicians, maintenance, teamwork, planification, interventions, workorders, invoices
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