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Business Description
We help you to reduce costs and improve the results of marketing and sales strategies thanks to the proprietary semantic system and dedicated AI algorithms.
Long Business Description

Companies of all sizes increase their budgets every day with the goal of reaching new customers. But marketing and sales strategies often proceed by trial and with uncertain results.
Companies do not know what to communicate to attract and retain customers and their strategy is often repetitive and random.
The problem is perceived both by medium-sized companies, which do not have the technological resources and the internal professional figures suitable to make processes efficient by enabling competitiveness with large companies, both by large companies, often with an organization in silos that do not allow interoperability.

You Are My Guide has therefore created GhostWriter, AI-powered Marketing Strategy platform. GhostWriter saves companies the hours of work and the hundreds of thousands of euros that invest in trying to understand WHAT IS THE TARGET of their sales and WHAT TO COMMUNICATE to better sell and retain customer loyalty.
GhostWriter reduces costs by boosting some marketing and sales figures and making them redundant. Ensures efficiency by combining virtual professions that are the key to the success of marketing innovation.

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MarTech, Semantic System, AI

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