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Business Description
Vehicles, drivers, and energy stations are ingredients of everyday life in all
in all developed countries in the world. Based on the above, a business opportunity is formulating that
addresses both end-user and energy station.
This business venture is all about bridging drivers with energy/fuel stations by establish a win-win
relationship for all parties, the drivers, the partners and us. The notion is that with a triangular business
model, we are selling in both parties what the need to enhance the driving experience, make their life
easier, get lower prices for fuel-products and on the other hand make partners business profitable.
Through an intelligent central system this Marketplace for Energy/Fuel Station, could be applied to a wide
range of countries and its target audience. Therefore, a different strategy should be employed to address
each type / segment of energy stations: from an independent station to a chain.
Our competition spans into two directions that has been located and analyze below
mainly on activities that target the drivers, with various platform offering applications and businesses that
surround the energy stations, by offering discount schemes, loyalty, etc.
In the future, this notion allows to unlock other possibilities and participate to other vehicle related
business sections.
Long Business Description

The presented study takes into consideration both markets, the Greek and UK. Research has been
performed in both countries, identifying the need for a product / platform with the capabilities described
Based on our input, as well as better knowledge of the market, it has been decided to deploy his solution
Greece first, and gradually to other countries. The Greek market comprises over 5500 petrol stations and
a few hundreds of charging points that increase rapidly.
 Marketing campaign before launch the App
 Launch the App with Phases 1-2
 Launch the Website (platform)
 Follow and analyze the feedback from users
 Customer service and support
 The developers will keep working the next Phase 3
all the above have been done.

Next phases are on track
Seek for Forecourt Controllers as Partners or get to know the technology
 If don’t make Partners hire personnel to build the console Platform
 Seek for Payment Providers as Partners
 Prepare the Phase area 4-5

Based in
fuels, charging stations, mobile app
Total Funding
No funding announced yet
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