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Xpass- Digital ID wallet for simple and secure user authentication.
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Xpass in on a mission: only once. We strongly believe that customers should not have to upload documents, fill out forms, remember passwords for every single service they use. We’ve built a product that allows anyone to do any of these actions only once. This means lower cost for your company. Seamless processes.

This user pain point is also reflected in business results: Did you know that on average companies lose up to 50% of their potential customers during onboarding process due to lengthy forms? Or that companies in Mexico spend 20 euros to onboard a user and give them the necessary credentials? Or that 21% of users forget their passwords within 2 weeks of creating these, which results in overloading IT helpdesk with password reset requests?

Xpass enables companies in Latin America to cut the costs of user onboarding by 10x, and give their customers and easier access to their service. All that with better security.

Xpass lets customer digitize their most important documents on their phone and create a digital ID. With Xpass, customers can create their digital ID with 3 simple steps:

1. Download Xpass app

2. Create 2 security PIN-codes only they know

3. Take a photo of one of their identity documents and upload it

After that, we verify the user and their uploaded documents. If everything is correct, user has a working digital identity. This means they can now access multiple services with already verified profile.

Integrating with partners should be easy and we take this very seriously. So we’ve spent a lot of time making sure our API docs are easy to understand and implement. We handle the complex parts, so you can focus on what makes your business grow. Our end product will be a quick code snippet that you can add to your website.

Read more: www.xpass.me

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digital identity, cyber security, Latin America
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