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We connect the dots between  Excel users  &  APIs  &  DevOps/Quants.
We have the solution to address Excel limitations and embrace APIs’ benefits to efficiently access, augment and control your data.
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Our mission is to offer efficient, ready-to-use intuitive tools to manage data seamlessly. All this without ever putting aside data security and compliance.
Here is the gap all corporates face:
1) Most managers do not hold a programming background education. Like many senior executives, they like to stick to their Excel Spreadsheets' convenience to manage data.
2) Today’s data access and governance are at the highest priority at the management level ( GDPR, Cloud Act, Hacking…). DevOps & Quants are pushed to develop APIs and web interfaces meeting new standards to allow users to consume data or simply to share data internally/externally.
We are filling this gap by offering a solution to efficiently integrate Excel into the API world we live in.

Thanks to XLbroadcaster we connect the dots between Excel users & APIs & DevOps/Quants:
-Excel users:
*Consume and access APIs data to augment your spreadsheets with zero lines of code
*Leverage code and functions from outside Excel to fast and boost your spreadsheets and models
*Get independent from technical support while accessing coding power.

*Stop wasting time in VBA macros and open the power of your code agnostically in Python, R, C++,Rust…
*Improve your Business Logic and create a robust system to share your APIs, code and functions
*Forget about deployments and versioning controls to boost your team efficiency

-APIs providers
*Make your data accessible to all in the most flexible way via Excel.
*Programming background is no more needed, users connect independently to your APIs
*Open a new niche of customers eventually able to consume your data

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