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For the first time I visited China from my resident country Belgium in 2012. I was supposed to visit for a month only. The purpose of the visit was to place the wholesale order of an electronic device on behalf of an European trading company. Online surfing connected me to the electronic companies mostly based in Shenzhen, the global hub of electronic market. But after observing huge business activity I extended my visit. I preferred to study the market further and extended visit for another month. I was surprised to see the global business activity at a large scale.

During the business trip 'technology' word was the keyword which emerged in my mind for so many reasons. Every company, whether it is producing products of technology or not, even is related to technology because a non-technological product like garment product or food item is also now dependent to market only through technology.

On my return what I did was to register the related domain www.worldtechnologycentre.com with the purpose to launch it at a proper time and that can engage all business activities related to #technology. Later in 2013, I got another opportunity to visit China and this time I spent 5 months in total and travelled many parts of China that include Shanghai, Yiwu, , Hangzhou, Shengzhou, Ningbo, Guangzhou etc to trade some products to Europe and also to further understand business and trading.

During 2013 giving lecture "How to promote online business" to a sales staff of an electronic company in Shenzhen, China.

I visited as many companies both manufacturing and trading. Chinese less talk about politics and only focus on their work. A coordination between a labourer to the boss of the company was worth watching. At that time of my trip I found that majority of the Chinese companies were unaware about the importance of online business. For them online business means only Alibaba which is currently a single largest platform for global trading.

With some exclusive concept in my mind I am now in a position to explore the idea of trading on the www.worldtechnologycentre.com domain.

Wikipedia defines the technology as "Technology can be the knowledge of techniques, processes, etc. or it can be embedded in machines, computers, devices and factories, which can be operated by individuals without detailed knowledge of the workings of such things." Apart from opening of .com technology in mid 90's any innovative discoveries related to technological devices is automatically classified in the technology group like smart phones & iPads. Spread of smart phones and iPads further introduced social media which is considered as strongest tool that has linked and connected all about technology. Even anything non-technological origin is dependent now to the current technology.

How#Alibaba, #Ebay, and #Amazon, e-commerce giants belong to same planet from we belong. I have an idea to try to rule technological world related to e-commerce. Truly speaking I can disclose the plan who want to join my idea as a team and not as an idea stealer. Only serious and trust worthy people both IT knowledgeable experts and investors are welcomed for further discussion. Your willingness to join as a team can help to build a group of people who can rule the world in technology sector. My email is [email protected]

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