WOOM is a startup that, thanks to an algorithm, can calculate the daily probability of pregnancy taking into account information on the woman’s menstrual cycle, the couple’s lifestyle and biometric data. Founded by Clelia Morales and Laurence Fontinoy, WOOM is one of the leading femtech firms operating in health and female fertility assisting with decision-making on reproductive health and it enjoys unique positioning in southern Europe and LATAM. 17 to 25% of couples experience a challenge with fertility. Both female founders faced it and why they left Google and eBay to launch WOOM.

The startup calculates daily pregnancy probabilities and offers daily personalised content. The app accelerates conception time, optimising the likelihood of pregnancy and, what’s more, offers additional information on education and prevention in reproductive health. With its B2B model, it is today working with the pharmaceutical industry as data/insights provider.
Health, pregnancy, algorithm

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