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What Rocks And What Sucks
Business Description
WhatRocksAndWhatSucks.com's goal is to analyze and review consumer products and tell you which one stands out the most. It does the hard work of analyzing reports, researching publications and figuring out the pros and cons; and, it finally lets you know which one is the best in a given category.

Want to know quickly what to get (and not go through the hassle of comparing and reviewing multiple products)? WhatRocksAndWhatSucks.com is the right place.

While there are many consumer product review sites out there, they simply describe a product. If I am looking for, lets say, the best juicing machine, I want someone to tell me - of all the machines here is the best one. We do exactly that.

Example: http://whatrocksandwhatsucks.com/best-juicer-machine/
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