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Business Description
We.Care was founded in 2018 by experienced enthusiasts, business people and licensed psychologists.
The founder is named Linisha Palm, and together with a handful of dedicated psychologists and staff, she forms the heart and brain of We.Care. Her idea to start a Danish opportunity for online psychological help arose when one day she was sitting and had a sudden need to talk to someone about a problem.
The vision behind We.Care is therefore that it should be easier for all Danes to get psychological help. Because far too many people need someone to talk to about their mental challenges without it happening. Some have difficulty getting outside their own door due to anxiety . Someone has trouble getting time for a psychologist due to career bustle. Someone has no surplus to find a psychologist because of stress. And many are stopped because long waits do not work when you need help here and now.

We.Care ambition is to help as many Danes as possible to get better. And we have both the will in our hearts and the capital in our backs to make it a success
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