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Business Description
Software development metrics for non-techies. Waydev does the hard math so you can have clear metrics in your pocket.

How many lines of code were written is not useful information by itself, but Waydev provides the context.

It looks at developer habits and describes them with a score (the Wayrank).
It then measures improvement week-to-week (the Impact).
Finally, it helps you Compare your project to other relevant projects in your industry.
Long Business Description

I started Waydev because I believe keeping development on track does not need to involve spreadsheets and progress bars. As a non-techie, I was deeply unsatisfied with the options available to me as a business owner, so I decided to build a tool I could actually enjoy using. The way Waydev works is it grabs some advanced metrics from source control (not the actual source code, of course), and compiles them into an easy-to-read number we call the Wayrank. This simple number can tell you, at a glance, if your project is on track or if it’s time to start asking questions. For context, you can compare it to industry peers or to your own baseline. I feel that, by offering a way for people at all levels of tech-savviness to develop software products, we are opening up the industry to new perspectives. We’d love to know your thoughts! Try Waydev and tell us what you think.

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