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Wanda Maps
Wanda Maps
Wanda Maps is a community to build and share playlists of experiences. Each map is personalized by an individual, influencer, or business to share local recommendations and enhance their content. Maps can be followed, cloned, and reused by their network, making local exploration a collaborative and reciprocal process.

Our maps ethically generate fine grain data on traveler behavior and distribution. This data revolutionizes the ability to give deep personalization throughout the traveler journey, while providing the first scalable solution to manage overtourism.

As a B2C product, Wanda Maps is a social network accessed via web and mobile app. With the app users build, share and clone personalized maps and follow users and businesses who fit their interests.

As a B2B product, we are a SaaS platform for businesses and tourism marketers to build white label trip planners and embeddable interactive maps.

As a B2B/B2G product we are a SaaS platform for destination marketing organizations and analysts to ethically purchase data on traveler behavior and distribution.

travel, tourism, big data
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