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We’re bringing a SaaS platform & a mobile app to the e-health market, to enhance child’s language recovery. VoxiKids transform speech therapy processes by moving them into the digital market. We’re bringing a SaaS platform to the e-health market, offering a selection of high-value materials designed by speech pathologists, as well as management tools that streamline the collaboration between parent and therapist, with the common goal of assisting the child's recovery and integrating them into the pre-school and school environments.
Mission: VoxiKids digitalizes the speech therapy process in order to positively impact children with speech impairments and reduce recovery time, thus helping them better integrate into their social environment and school community. We can achieve this by bringing both parents and therapists together for the benefit of the child’s development.

The problem: The e-health market is now in full expansion, with opportunities arising at a global level. Traditional speech therapy requires a dedicated space, work materials, and a qualified speech pathologist. But in a world caught in the fray of digitalization, where recent events have put even more pressure on us to digitalize as many processes as possible, we’ve also noticed a change in the way that speech therapy sessions can be carried out. Across the world, 34 million children are in need of access to speech therapy, and over half a million of them are in Romania.

The real problem is that speech therapy practices are few and far between. There are countries where a parent must wait up to 24 months to gain access to therapy.
Based in
Bucurestii Noi
SaaS platform, mobile app, child’s language recovery, digital market
Total Funding
Between €100K-€500K

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