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Business Description
Volvero is a vehicle-sharing app that connects owners and renters, with integrated AI and a blockchain secure environment for vehicles monitoring and a crystal-clear full insurance policy.
Volvero is more secure, more reliable and easier to use than any other platform.
Long Business Description

For 96% of the time vehicles remain parked while millions of people struggle every day to find a workable and affordable solution for their mobility needs. On top of that, car dealers’ sales are dropping because people are not buying vehicles as much as in the past and millennials are not interested in owning one.

Volvero is a startup that provides an app based on the most innovative technologies for owners (private and professional) to share their vehicles with the community, in a simple reliable and sustainable way. Volvero puts the focus on the DLT structure and the development of an innovative unique and tailormade insurance policy, for covering both vehicles and users while they are using the service.

Based in
Milan, Italy and San Francisco, US
ai, sharing economy, mobility, transportation, blockchain, sustainable

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