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Web analytics is not just about numbers!

To serve the best customer journey first you have to know who are you talking on your website? What they like, what they see when they look at your website?

VisitorLAB is a behavioral web analytics tool that tracks your visitors' every action for you. It’s a smart tool to visualize how people act on your web site, which parts they like or they are not interested in.

Know your visitors better and speak to them and show your website just the way they want. As a result, it will turn your visitor into customer.

Ready to see what your visitor sees on your website?
Long Business Description

VisitorLab is a visitor management tool that empowers users to see what their visitors are seeing, increasing their website interactions. Users get a visual representation of how visitors interact with their websites. And by collecting the associated data, they can extract insights based on the visitor’s actions. Features such as dedicated heatmaps enable users to observe every movement of visitors, measure what they are mostly focusing on the website, execute an analysis of mouse movements, access click rates and page transitions, and much more. Visitor Records enables users to access stored videos of the browsing sessions of visitors. With the funnel feature, users can know their visitors better and tap into their decision making funnels. With VisitorLab, users can follow the exact mouse movements of website visitors and understand the reasons behind why certain areas of the website receive higher attention. The scroll tracker even showcases the point of the page where maximum visitors are lost.

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