Business Name:
Business Description:
We develop an App, which not only manages adherence to therapy of respiratory patients, but also gives feedback on their inhaler handling.
Thus, we develop an inexpensive tool, to stabilize Asthma and COPD patients, reduce hospital visits and lower the therapy costs for this chronic disease.
Long Business Description:

Empower all patients with respiratory diseases to fully benefit from their inhaled medication. Develop and commercialize the first truly augmented inhalation training tool which allows:
1. Patients to learn efficiently inhaling their drugs, for them to lead more symptom-free lives,
2. Physicians to efficiently train patients and avoid lengthy or unnecessary appointments,
3. Healthcare insurers to reduce high treatment cost resulting from wrong inhaler use
4. Pharmaceutical companies to
-gain insights in the benefits of their products to justify cost,
-gain insights due to big data,
-gain patients/physicians loyalty to product

Based in:
Therapy, Respiratory, Inhale
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