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Business Description
Our company responds to the promising market opportunity of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) that gets increasing attention in the V.C. world. Nuvia positions itself in this market as a typical platform provider and is unique in the fact it addresses users/customers by offering them solutions and applications that makes them solve particular challenges in the industry and create true added value for their business. In this respect the Nuvia solution is not one of the many providers of hardware for the VR industry (such as glasses, etc…), and/or games and other offerings that are presently on the market, but it brings along concrete solutions.

In concreto, Nuvia is specialized in the capturing of 360° spherical imagery and converting those into full VR enabled virtual tours and it is also looking for solutions to bring 3D to the next generation of digital media. Since the launch of the concept by Google in 2013, Nuvia has developed its own platform that handles the automatic processing, management of data and imagery, manipulation, enrichment and publishing of the virtual tours and enables advertising services towards - amongst others but typically - merchants, businesses, restaurants, etc. The Nuvia platform helps them and provides them with their 360° appearance as an attractive way to present themselves online, and to offer additional applications and tools they cannot apply as of today. And this is where the added value for these businesses, merchants, restaurants, etc. is becoming true.

Over the years we have become more proficient and have deeply fine-tuned our operational processes and technology, which allows us to scale our business significantly. Today we can capture 400 locations in 24 hours and have the virtual tours published the next day. And this is really outperforming the market.

Because of the efficiency and output we recently decided to deploy our platform and operational models on full city scale. In doing so we collaborate with the yellow pages and business listings of the world and provide them our technology, expertise and jointly develop this new and exciting business. We have captured cities like Kosice in Slovakia, Mol in Belgium, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and many more. In the Benelux, Hungary, South Africa, Mexico and Slovakia we have local teams active and ready to be deployed, in Brazil we collaborate with Telelistas.net, and in Argentina, Chile and Peru we are setting up a collaboration with Publicar.

Thanks to this kind of collaborations, we are able to solve issues of scalability. The model and operations are easy and fast to be deployed very widely.
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VR, AR, Virtual Tour, TravelTech
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