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Vintom | We make video personal
Business Description
Vintom is a personalised and interactive video technology. Vintom’s technology lets businesses send hyper-personalised communications to millions of individual customers. The technology helps businesses supercharge customer engagement, build loyalty, and boost sales.
Long Business Description

Vintom's personalised and interactive video technology allows global brands to deeply personalise video content based on the data they have about customers' behaviours, interests and accounts. It allows businesses, for the first time, to genuinely address millions of customers individually, not only calling them by their name, but presenting them key data about their account or the status of their purchases.

Vintom makes marketing and customer experience simple, digital and personal for consumers. Our videos have been proven to improve customer engagement (+47%), loyalty (+57% reported feeling greater brand loyalty after receiving our videos) and sales (up to 3x ROI).

We have had success in banking and finance, insurance, pharmaceuticals, automotive, retail and energy sectors, among others.

Our technology is highly adaptable and modular, which means we can serve the most complex needs and desires of our clients. Our technology has interactivity, limitless scalability, can be used in any language, works with AI to generate lip-sync and is capable of performing real-time video personalisation.

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CX, marketing, personalisation, video
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