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VideoLean is the platform where you can explain what’s your startup about through an explanatory video. Make templated videos quickly and cheaply without film-making knowhow.

Beginnings always are hard, specially when you are trying to set up your new project. Among the endless obstacles you find during your journey as entrepreneur, the one of nobody understands your business is definitely the most highlighted.

Explainer videos have being only affordable for big companies, making a big gap for those who were starting and with tight budgets. VideoLean tries to democratize the video marketing for online businesses, offering low-cost templates easy to edit. You know more about your business than anybody, so you should have the opportunity to tell to the world what are you working on, in an easy and attractive way.

Customize the wide range of templates, change texts, icons, music, voice over and even the best color for your branding.

In a nutshell, if you have a startup, VideoLean is the tool that lets you to spread your message with a video done by professionals, with the lowest economic risk possible and easy to customize according to your needs at any time.

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