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viCloning is a sophisticated business tool that combines the power of an intelligent multi-channel virtual agent and intelligent chat to help companies reduce costs, increase sales and enhance customer experience.

It is a refined tool that learns from the answers you give to customers through the live chat to automatically build a knowledge base. The result is an automated chat software that can answer all of your customers' questions around the clock without human involvement.

Consumers like to get answers to their questions online for themselves; they actually prefer this means to other channels. All they ask is that you take online channels seriously - and keep their multi-channel experience consistent.

Did you know that only 1 in 10 consumers are completely happy with the customer service they receive?

viCloning is 10 to 60 times cheaper than alternative or traditional solutions!

viCloning is cloud-based SaaS – Nothing to install

viConing has an automatic relational self-learning with proactive training

viCloning is very quick and easy deployment and maintenance

viCloning has a patented, advanced natural-language engine

There is a huge opportunity for viCloning to make this investment more efficient, saving money on the business side and improving customer satisfaction at the same time.
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