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Business Description
Venari Medical is an innovative medical device company developing the next-generation treatment for all chronic venous disease patients. Venari Medical’s mission focus is on the innovation of unparalleled safe, effective, patient-centered medical devices that improve the quality of life for those with debilitating vascular disease.

Venari Medical is developing BioVena™ - a more effective, less invasive, and faster treatment for all venous disease patients. It is uniquely positioned to disrupt current treatment practices which have seen only medium level innovation in the past decade. The team is based at Ireland's medtech cluster in Galway.
Only 1.3 million of the 120 million people in the US & EU who suffer from venous disease currently receive endovenous treatment each year. 3 million venous ulcer patients are completely unserved, using ineffective compression bandaging. Venari Medical offers an unrivaled lower risk and unparalleled effective non-thermal treatment which will allow more patients who suffer from Venous Disease to access effective treatment.

The indication for the use of superficial venous ablation is also set to widen to treat venous ulcers that currently incur annual costs of $33Bn to insurers in the US & EU. The Venari Medical technology can be used as a safe and effective treatment for the whole spectrum of Venous Disease from varicose veins to active venous ulcers.
Based in
medical device, treatment, innovation, vascular disease
Total Funding
Between €5 million-€10 million

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