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We believe that data-driven legal advice can change lives.

The legal industry is drowning in data that it can never use. Every day, millions of pages of case law, decisions, and precedent are created and then ignored. Valuable insights are locked away in PDFs or scattered across hundreds of text documents, waiting to be pieced together.

This has serious real-world consequences. When someone's rights are violated, they should know that they have legal options. When their lawyers advise them, they should feel confident they're giving the best informed, most up-to-date advice. Right now, this isn't happening - and real lives are feeling the impact.
Valla's mission is to bring transparency and insight to the legal sector. We do this by analyzing those millions of pages and extracting data from them. We then turn that into insight that's easy to understand and use - insight that can make a real difference in real people's lives.
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