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UXtweak is an all-in-one UX research platform full of powerful tools for improving the usability of web sites and apps, from prototypes to production.
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UXtweak (www.uxtweak.com) – UX research platform providing powerful tools for usability testing of websites, web apps and prototypes, information architecture research, and user behavior analytics. With the easy implementation in 3 clicks, GDPR and CCPA compliance and privacy by design makes UXtweak is the only UX research platform you need.

UXtweak tools are:
- Unmoderated Testing – provides unmoderated task-based usability studies. The user sets a task to complete, success URL, and recruits his respondents (by sending a link or using a built-in recruitment widget). Unmoderated testing also allows for the collection of audio feedback and letting users submit ideas of what they like/dislike/think should be improved with Crowd Feedback and vote for ideas of others. All studies can include pre-post study, and after tasks questionnaires to collect additional feedback and screen respondents.
- Session Recording – session recording tool, indexing every event user took and making it searchable with advanced filter. Provides users with click, scroll, and move heatmaps generated any time and activity tracking.
- Tree Testing – to test information architecture. The tree structure can be uploaded straight from the URL.
- Card Sorting – card sorting tool able to carry out open, closed, and hybrid card sorting studies.

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Powerful research tools for improving usability of web sites and apps, from prototypes to production.
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