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Financial Health and Multi-Banking based on PSD2
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Usefirst is developing the banking of tomorrow based on PSD2. It's a unified multi-banking app focused on financial health & planning. In order words, it's one app to manage all accounts regardless what banks they are opened in. Remittance is included, since Usefirst initiates direct payments (wire transfers) from one account to another one. It's a new processing method based on open banking. No fees from Visa/Mastercard and other intermediaries. For this method, now processing companies have to become consumer-facing like Usefirst.

Outside the EEA, Usefirst is a financial health app. Not a traditional PFM. Usefirst is like a doctor who analyzes personal finances, finds diseases and gives a course of treatment that's an AI-powered financial plan. For example, a user has a bad loan and Usefirst offers to refinance the loan to get better terms and then a user gets a 1-5-year step-by-step plan on how one can comfortably pay off the loan.

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