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Performance Measurement Software for Agile Teams
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Upside is a workflow analytics platform for teams who believe in continuous improvement. Rooted in data science and machine learning, Upside helps teams find simple ways to get better and more satisfied in their working lives.

Upside combines charts, diagnosis, and actionability into a sole product with one simple goal - to help your people achieve their potential and maximize their engagement. So, you can all stay focused on helping your customers.


- Plug and play - 30 seconds to sign up

- Key insights on the metrics that matter for tracking team performance

- Sprint Burndown and Burnup that shows this sprint vs. your historical behaviour

- Team Velocity and average individual velocity

- Current ticket status by individual


1. Scale your company's human capital - risk free

2. Take the guesswork out of understanding your teams' performance and engagement

3. Understand the healthscore for every team

4. See the KPIs that matter

5. Automatic check-ins

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