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Unlimited manufactures electric powertrain systems for bikes, scooters and beyond. We partner with established brands and provide an operating system to easily electrify any vehicle product line. Our powertrains are fully connected to keep our customers close and provide a world-class experience.
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As the cost of lithium-ion batteries decreases combined with a strong top-down push to reduce emissions, transportation is going electric. According to McKinsey, 60% of today's total passenger-miles traveled in the US, Europe, and China are on trips shorter than 5 miles; with the fastest door-to-door transit times in dense urban environments, Light Electric Vehicles are taking over a considerable portion of these short-distance trips.

We are building the future of mobility by enabling experiences that are simple, safe and reliable. We offer an operating system to easily electrify any vehicle product line. Built to remove barriers and provide cost, weight and range options, our components can be stacked and swapped like a LEGO to build the best possible vehicle configuration, every time.

We have invested over 30 years of development man-hours to build a powertrain management system based on robust embedded software and hardware architecture. Leveraging connectivity and remote diagnostics to understand how our customers use our products and deliver world-class customer support.

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