UGPay Group

UGPay Group
Business Name:
UGPay Group
Business Description:
UGPay Group is an asset management company providing professional management of the assets of private, institutional, and corporate clients. It has been on the path of creating an innovative solution to capitalize expertise, scale returns, and attract market players through the vision of “Create – Share – Achieve “. We are leading Humanity along the path of a conscious choice in favor of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and industries, which are designed to become the beginning of a new economy and bring Peace, Health, Prosperity, and Wealth to the planet Earth. We are developing various sectors of the economy in different regions of the world, thereby improving the economic situation in these regions and increasing the level of human well-being. Through the introduction of blockchain technology, we create a new environmentally friendly, safe, and highly profitable economic environment, where the products of companies and their active consumers are within a single ecosystem.
Based in:
asset management, innovative solution, blockchain technology, profitable economic environment
Total Funding:
No funding announced yet
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