P2P Fintech Technologies & Marketplaces for Illiquid and Alternative Assets

TXC Markets is a technology company working to build marketplaces and bring
together cutting-edge P2P fintech technologies, algorithm trading and financial
structuring derivatives solutions to the global market of illiquid debt and credit
trading. TXC Markets mission is to develop an automated trading platform that
combines best-in-class technologies and a P2P solution for maximizing and
monetizing illiquid assets. The solutions, leveraging on innovative P2P fintech
technologies, will bring Clients (both Businesses and Investors) in centralized
marketplaces characterized by advanced pricing methods and evaluation
processes (price discovery, due diligence, certified and secure workflows, …)
and P2P trading mechanisms, giving them two main benefits: liquidity for the
Sellers and “tangible” yield for the Buyers.

Fintech, Marketplace, Assets
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