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Twarma lets you automate your retweets, favourites and content on your Twitter profile.

We aggregate all the useful automation tools so that users don't have to open up 4 or 5 different tabs and pay 4 or 5 different companies to automate their twitter. All from one single dashboard users can automate their Twitter to grow their audience. This enables startups with limited resources to free up time to focus on product development.

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Retweeting is the most effective form of increasing your following by engaging with relevant users and providing your current users with relevant content. With our RetweetTimer™ you are also able to ensure that the retweets go out at the optimum time to evoke follower engagement. You can automate retweets under specific hashtags and users.

Our favouriting automation tool will automatically favourite tweets under a certain hash tag. This means you are engaging with users that are relevant to you and evoking users to follow you.

We also enable you to provide your audience with specially curated content from a variety of different sources. Want to tweet about tech? Well our tool will find the latest tech news and tweet about it as many times a day as you wish. Twarma learns about you too; If you delete a tweet that is pushed to your twitter by Twarma then it will learn that you don't like that type of content and tweet more specific content over time.
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