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More and more often, to rent a flat or house is becoming very hard and super expensive in big cities like New York, London, Shangai or Barcelona. In addition, people move one city to another because of the job or just they want to meet another culture. It is a huge market growing 17% yearly.
By other side, lessees usually lose very good renters because they don’t know them, and they choose one after having one or two short meetings. It is a problem. What really want a lessee is not only the monthly payments on time, there is another thing more important: to know your renter is going to take care of your property.
By another side, the renter wants the lesser fix the issues and solve problems. They don’t want to pay abusive costs from the agency or high deposits, it is a big entry-barrier. We can eliminate high intermediaries costs.
Truster aims to solve those problems, we want to make easier, cheaper and faster rental processes. Let’s redesign rental properties thank of the decentralized technology with no intermediaries in the becoming Internet Trust era.
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rent, flat, house, housing
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